5 Types of Flat Roofing

The selection of a roof is a very critical thing. You need the right type of knowledge and some market awareness to make a good selection. People are normally quite worried when deciding, what type of roof they should use. Their worries are not pointless; in fact, you can call it the most important part of the whole structure after the foundations. There are several options available in the market that differ from each other in cost and quality but this variety confuses people. A good roofing repair is one that is in accordance with your environment. You can find the most common types of flat roofing below.

Built-up roofing type

They have been around for more than 150 years and up until now, people prefer to use them because they have a very long life expectancy of about 20 to 30 years. This roofing type is composed of several layers of bitumen with a good final coating. The use of fabric and ply sheets is common knowledge but the interesting fact is that the ply sheets are reinforced with fiberglass. They are best suited for a warmer climate.

Bitumen roofs

This is another long-lasting and quite popular solution these days. The stability of this material makes it an ideal selection for a flat roofing contractor. The bitumen or modified bitumen is a type of asphalt and it can be applied in several ways while layering. Their maintenance is quite easy and economical. They are highly reliable and usually, the manufacturers don’t hesitate to offer warranties for this particular roofing type.

Roofs with sprayed polyurethane

There are several modern methods to enhance the efficiency of a roof. If you face a harsh environment such as excessive sun, and rain, then this is the best solution for you. The polyurethane foam is sprayed on the joints making the roof seamless. Doing this enhances the performance of a roof including better moisture resistance and insulation. Having better insulation adds to your advantage during the hot summer and your air conditioning bills can be reduced considerably.  

The rubber roof

The rubber roofs are easy to spot and they are more like a commercial solution. There are two ways to install them. First, Ballasted or you can also call it keeping the rubber down with the weight of stones. Second, the rubbed is glued down. They can also be used in a combination of the situation demanded. This type of roof is easy to maintain and the repair is very economical as compared to the other roofing solution.

The TPO or PVC roofing solution

The thermoplastic membranes are single layers of materials and are commonly available in several colors. They are very easy to spot because white and grey colors are mostly used. There are two different approaches to installing them. You can attach them to the roof mechanically or you can glue them to the roof as they do to the rubber roof. They are easy to install and offer easy maintenance. This is why they are most commonly seen over commercial buildings.

A home can’t be called home unless it has a proper roof on its top. They are of vital importance and play a key role in the value of your property. You have to select the best option suited to your environment. If your local weather is rainy, then you must have a roofing that can bear heavy rain. Hot weather requires a material that can offer better insulation properties. If you are unable to decide what material to use for your roof, then you can always find the best contractors locally who can help you out in the best possible way.