5 Reasons Why Staying in Boutique Hotels in Sydney Is a Must

Sydney has been one of the first places you think about when talking about Australia. Aside from being the usual entry point, Sydney is famous for its beautiful beaches, parks, and green spaces. You will also never run out of accommodation options. But staying in boutique hotels in Sydney could be your best choice.

The popularity of boutique hotels soared during the previous years because of their exceptional personalised services and pleasing ambience. If you have yet to try staying in this type of accommodation, here are the perks you can get from boutique hotels.

1. Enjoy a Unique Experience

While most luxury hotel chains in Sydney claim to offer sophisticated services, the monotony of its features may result in an unspectacular experience. It may turn you off if you look for something unique and personalised.

Boutique hotels veer away from the signature cookie-cutter services of most hotels. Instead, they often offer themed rooms and one-of-a-kind amenities that you will never find elsewhere. They also exude the same laid-back feeling associated with Sydney.

2. Scenic Locations

Most chain hotels are located near the transportation hubs and dining establishments. On the other hand, boutique hotels are places in more fashionable areas in Sydney. For example, you will find some of the most exciting boutique hotels near art galleries and design studios like Chippendale.

The strategic location of boutique hotels Sydney allows you to be surrounded by Instagram-worthy spots and other trendy sites in the city. It will also let you stay near some of the bespoke bars and lounges where you will meet interesting people.

3. Intimate Size

Boutique hotels are usually smaller than the average chain hotels. It typically offers at least 25 to 100 guest rooms in its facility. Because of this, you can enjoy more intimate and cosy experiences while staying on their property.

Sydney’s popular boutique hotels also offer guest-friendly communal public spaces because of the limited space. It will allow you to enjoy interacting with other guests visiting the city. In addition, it will open up more opportunities to meet new friends who will join you in discovering charming off-the-beaten paths like Newtown and Alexandria.

4. Breathtaking Design

One thing that makes boutique hotels stand out is their unique aesthetics. Some of the best ones in the city offer rustic design, making it an ideal place to stay if you want to get inspired and creative.

The rooms in boutique hotels also embrace charming interiors. It makes your accommodation more than a place to sleep after a long day of exploration.

5. Excellent Service

Another signature trait that you will notice is the outstanding quality of service you will get from boutique hotel staff members. They will ensure that they address you using your name as soon as you enter the building.

The hotel can also provide bespoke amenities like custom toiletries. They also include complimentary in-room massages and complimentary drinks you may enjoy in your room. All these amenities may require extra charges in chain hotels.

Staying in boutique hotels in Sydney could let you enjoy your stay in the city on a different level. So consider finding the best one that could appeal to your style and needs so you will know more about the city during your Sydney vacation.