5 Effective DIY Tips to Clean Your Outdoor Blinds

If you want to know how to clean patio blinds, then you must read the following article that has some very effective tips.

Patio Blind Cleaning Tips You Never Knew Existed

Outdoor patio blind cleaning can turn out to be difficult if you are unaware of the right patio blind cleaning tricks. This is because patio blinds are very delicate, and therefore it becomes extremely important to handle them with care. If patio blinds are not cleaned regularly they can be at risk of being attacked by several types of germs that can cause severe damage to your patio window furnishings.

So, what should you do in order to clean patio blinds without causing any harm to their structure? How do you make patio blinds clean naturally?

 Well, there are quite a few effective patio blind cleaning tips for all those who want to know how to clean patio blinds the right way. 

Here’s an article on DIY patio blind cleaner recipes that will surely help you get rid of dirt and dust on your patio blinds.

1. It is always recommended to use lukewarm water for patio window washing as it can be easily used in combination with mild detergents. For instance, most people prefer using homemade liquid cleaners such as lemon juice and vinegar mixed together in equal parts along with some dish-washing liquid soap. However, this method might not work well if your patio blinds have patio door curtains. So, you need to be extra careful when laundering patio window curtains because it is easier to get the patio blinds tangled up in your patio door’s curtain rod.

2. In order to clean patio window blinds using a long-handled brush, you should dip the entire head of the patio window cleaning brush into a bucket that contains water and mild detergent solution, and then proceed to scrub away all dirt stains from each fiber by rotating your wrist in a circular motion while keeping your hand steady. Always use a firm grip so that there are no chances of its fibers getting entangled or ripped off from their main structure.

In case you want some patio blind cleaner recipes made out of common household items such as vinegar, lemons and baking soda to make patio blinds look like new again, then you can scout the web for additional patio window cleaning tips and tricks.

There are several patio blind companies providing innovative patio blind designs that not only add style to your patio but also provide an excellent source of light and comfort for your home. But before buying patio blinds it is important to know how they should be maintained or cleaned in order to protect them from damage.

1) Easy patio window treatment cleaning tips: 

The best way to clean patio blinds is by hand-washing them with a mild detergent solution and warm water. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of washing it, here’s a good solution: patio blinds can be easily washed using a patio vacuum with hose attachment. Just make sure that the patio blind is disconnected from its window frame and is hanging freely in order for you to clean it properly.

2) Detached patio blinds cleaning: 

In case patio blinds are detached from their framework, then you need to identify the type of material they are made up of before collecting any patio blind cleaner idea. For example, wood patio shades will require a gentle cleanser that helps remove dirt and dust particles without affecting its color or finish whereas fabric patio roller shades can be simply wiped down with a clean soft cloth moistened with water only. But if your cotton patio roller shade has mildew stains, then you may use chlorine bleach to treat it.

3) Fabric patio blinds treatment for stains: 

The best patio window cleaner ideas include using a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water, or hydrogen peroxide infused with liquid dish-washing soap. Moreover, patio blinds should be treated with stain repellent if they are cleaned regularly so that their color or fabric doesn’t fade away under harsh sun rays.

4) Roller patio window shades cleaning solutions: 

The roller blind patio shade can be removed from its frame using a drill or screwdriver by removing screws that hold the top rail in place along the patio windowsill. So, to clean patio blinds you need to disassemble its head rail by removing brackets and slats carefully so that you don’t break patio blinds.

5) Removing patio blind stains using a power washer: 

If your patio window curtains have patio door curtains, then it is best to use patio blinds cleaning services offered by reputed companies. However, for single and smaller-sized patio window treatments, you can easily opt for professional patio window treatment cleaning tips and tricks provided by the internet or hire a local handyman to clean your patio shades.


Patio window cleaning can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and tricks, it can be easily done. Whether you choose to clean patio blinds by hand or use a vacuum cleaner attachment, make sure to read up on how to best care for your patio shades before starting the cleaning process. And if all of this sounds too complicated or time-consuming, consider hiring a professional patio window cleaner who will be able to take care of everything for you.