5 Best Shopping Experiences at IMG World

With multiple themed stores and colorful ambiences, shopping has never been so fun as it is at the IMG World. You have spent your day riding exhilarating rides and munching on delicious food. At IMG Worlds of Adventure, you make memories for a lifetime but you would surely like to remember this experience from more than just memories. At IMG World, you get the best shopping experience as you look for souvenirs to take home. You paid the IMG World ticket price and got a day full of adventures and unlimited fun, now it is time to invest in some articles that will forever remind you of your wonderful day here. Whether you are a fan of the Marvel superheroes or the witty cartoon characters, you would find that IMG World has something suitable for everyone. There are multiple stores in each zone to buy, not just souvenirs for yourself, but amazing gifts for your friends and family. End your day by going around in these amusing stores and maybe you would find something you really like. But if you are short on time, do not worry at all because we have chosen the five best stores for you to explore, from all over the IMG Worlds of Adventure.

1.      Cartoon Network Store

This exciting store is everything cartoon network. From games, toys, gifts and accessories to world’s best Cartoon Network merchandise, you name it and you will find it. Kids would have a blast going around the store, looking for their favorite cartoon characters and you can look for yours. Because let us admit it, no matter what age we are at, we still appreciate cartoons and revisit them time and time again, because they were one of the best parts of our lives.

2.      Ben 10 – Universe

Another really cool store in the Cartoon Network zone is the Ben 10 Universe. As soon as you enter the store, you would be tongue tied at the unbelievable beauty of the place. Shining bright with green, the store literally teleports you to Ben 10’s universe. Select your picks from a wide range of toys and games while you keep gawking at the store because we can promise you, this is the best Ben 10 store in the entire galaxy. Help your kids buy some cool gadgets that they would need to fight off the enemies of Ben 10 and treat yourself with something cool too.

3.      Haunted Hotel Store

That trip to the hair raising haunted hotel was as scary as it can get, but you are brave and you survived. Fighting off the monsters in the dark was not easy, but you made it. Now take a tour of the eerie Haunted Hotel store that is filled to the brim with spooky items. Take a souvenir to remember your journey at the Haunted Hotel and get ready to scare your friends and family with something crazy. From eerie paintings to weird articles, the store does not let the vibe of the Haunted Hotel die.

4.      Marvel Vault

Picking a favorite store from the Marvel zone is not an easy task. Every Marvel fan wants something different and the zone offers something to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you are a Hulk or Spider Man fan, they have their own separate stores that you can visit. But the Marvel Vault is definitely a must see for everyone. With hand signed comic books, action figures, posters and so much more, the store is easily the biggest attraction. What makes it even better are the high end artifacts that are on display.

5.      IMG Emporium

This one is a ‘one stop for all’ type of shop in IMG Boulevard. If you missed out on any zones, you do not have to worry at all as you will find that the IMG Emporium is stuffed with toys, games and merchandise from all the zones. Whether you want to be a dinosaur hunter or a Marvel superhero, you will find your gadgets right here at the IMG Emporium. This store makes sure you do not go home unsatisfied. No one should feel like they missed out on something because of shortage of time and this store takes care of just that. So, make a stop here to grab your gifts and souvenirs.