5 Benefits of Using an Activated Charcoal Face Pack

Have you ever imagined that a container filled with black substances could purify your skin and even help it glow? Yes, that is possible too. Beauty care is witnessing a significant positive evolution curve, and dermatologists are testing the power of natural ingredients in making our skin beautiful naturally. Hence the increasing use of an activated charcoal face pack and it is quite effective in purifying the skin and removing skin blemishes.

Activated charcoal is a top-trending skincare ingredient and is being used as a topical remedy for curing multiple skincare issues. You would find multiple face masks and face washes made of this amazing skincare remedy. 

Why should you opt for activated charcoal?

Charcoal is known for detoxifying your skin and giving it a smoother and brighter appearance. However, this black ingredient acts as a magnet and binds to toxins in the body and skin before they enter the bloodstream. As pollution levels and environmental toxins cause a major toll on skin health, pore-clogging has become a major reason for major skin concerns. 

Be it a charcoal face pack, charcoal face wash, or charcoal face mask, when applied topically, they help in removing dirt from the pores and purifying your skin by a process of deep cleansing. It will work just as fine if you have sensitive skin. 

Benefits of using activated charcoal for routine skincare 

If you are wondering about the benefits of charcoal, you may be surprised as it offers many benefits across the health and beauty industry. This black ingredient has acclaimed a significant position in our homes, hospitals, and salons to treat numerous concerns. 

So, let’s look at the benefits of incorporating activated charcoal into your skincare routine. 

  1. Absorbs toxins from the skin pores

Anything made from charcoal, such as a charcoal face pack or face mask, is the best detoxifying agent as it sucks out all the impurities in the skin. Environmental aggressors such as pollution, exposure to UV rays, and lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, and sleep patterns take a heavy toll on our bodies. In addition, charcoal has strong absorptive powers, which pull out more dirt and grime from the epidermis under the skin.

Note: Are you suffering from intense sun tanning and dullness? If yes, it’s time to pamper your skin with an old-age tradition of Ubtan, Turmeric, and Saffron. Mamaearth Tan Removal Face Wash helps remove the tan and repairs & brightens the skin. 

  1. Reduces the size of visibly large pores

Environmental stressors such as dust, oil, or grime clog up the skin’s pores, deteriorating its health and giving it a dull look. Charcoal helps in unclogging the pores by sucking out all the impurities from the pores, which results in a reduction of the size of pores. Eventually, they will close and leave you with clean and smooth skin. 

  1. Balances excessive oil in the skin cells

This is for those who have oily skin. Excess sebum and oil on the skin trap dirt and grime and stop pores from getting moisture or air. This leads to acne, blackheads, or whiteheads. Opting for a safe and gentle charcoal face pack helps control the oil production levels that help balance sebum levels and prevent excess oil secretion. 

  • Effectively treats acne & blackheads

When accumulated in the skin pores, a combination of impurities, excess oil, and grime leads to acne, blackheads, and certain skin infections. This could lead to cystic acne also. A charcoal-backed skincare product such as charcoal face wash or spot treatment can effectively clear your skin. 

  • Soothes skin inflammation

Backed by effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, charcoal is quite effective in treating any skin infections within the skin. It gently soothes rashes and redness. 

  • Brightens the Skin

charcoal face pack helps you get rid of skin impurities and have naturally glowing skin. In addition, it also purifies your skin. 

How to use a charcoal-based face pack?

Step 1: Cleanse your face with a mild face cleanser such as Mamaearth Tan Removal Face Wash. Backed by Turmeric, Saffron, Walnut Beads, Saffron, and Carrot Seed Oil, it helps eliminate any pollutants and sweat on your face. It would help remove excess tan from the skin’s upper layer and restore a natural glow. 

Step 2: Apply a thin and even layer of the charcoal face pack, leaving your eye area and lips. Ensure gentle application of the face pack to avoid pulling on your skin.

Step 3: Wait for 15-20 minutes, depending on your skin type. 

Step 4: When removing the face pack, scrub gently, and rinse your face with lukewarm water. 

 Step 5: Follow up with a moisturizer for plump and glowing skin. 

 4 face pack mistakes you are making and should avoid 

We hope you are impressed with the cleansing benefits of the face pack and are now looking forward to exfoliating your skin with one. However, there may be some mistakes that you could be making while applying a face pack. We are listing them below:

  1. Not knowing your skin type

It is essential to pick a face pack that suits your skin and provides maximum benefits. It will help in directly addressing the skin concerns you are facing. You may note that Mamaearth Charcoal Face Pack is equally effective for all skin types because it is made from natural active elements. 

  1. Not cleaning your hands and face

Always ensure that you are applying face masks or face packs with clean hands. Dirty hands can transfer the germs and bacteria to the face pack, which can further contaminate the skin on your face. You should avoid applying masks on dirty and oily faces as they will not deliver the goodness and nourishment your skin needs. Instead, it will further clog pores. 

  1. Leaving it on for too long 

Applying a charcoal face pack and continuing your regular work is what people generally do. But they forget that applying it with a mask is not recommended. You should not leave the mask for more than 20 minutes as it can cause redness and sensitivity. 

  1. Skipping on post-masking steps

Usually, people forget to conduct post-masking steps for their skin. If you want a healthy glow on your skin, you need to apply a light moisturizer to seal moisture in the skin. 

Mamaearth C3 Face Mask

Wrapping it up

You can rely on charcoal-based products to purify your skin deeply. These skincare products work equally well for sensitive skin types (oily and dry) too. We recommend opting for Mamaearth Charcoal Face and Tan Removal Face Wash. Made of safe and toxin-free ingredients, they help you have the best skincare experience at home and are equally suitable for all skin types.

Mamaearth is Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified brand that aims to spread goodness in India through its sustainability actions. Also, the brand believes in recycling more plastic than they consume, reducing human environmental effects.