4 Southern Cities Geared for Young Professionals

South Carolina is the place for you if you’re seeking a change of scenery and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. The city stands out among northern cities as being distinctively different. In South Carolina, you may relax, let your hair down, and have a good time without feeling rushed. You have a lot of options for employment, education, dining, and entertainment in South Carolina. Not to mention the breathtaking coastline, which is difficult to adjust to. For many years, the Midlands region of South Carolina has been listed as one of the nation’s cheapest areas to live. Columbia houses for sale cost less than the national average. Gen Z workers, whether they have recently graduated from college or have been working for a while, are frequently willing to relocate in search of better job prospects, novel experiences, and more affordable housing. The best southern cities for young professionals are listed below.

  1. Austin

The fact that Texas’s capital city is among the best locations to live in the South shouldn’t come as a surprise. Keep Austin Weird can be seen all across the growing city, which is home to eccentric public art, burgeoning small enterprises, and bungalow homes that are perfect for young people. Since Austin is home to the University of Texas at Austin, many Austin residents work for major corporations like IBM, Dell, Google, and Apple. Actually known as “Silicon Hills,” Austin is one of the top American towns for employment. Austin has also made significant environmental advancements. It allows bicycles and prohibits the sale of plastic bags. 

  1. Fayetteville

The picturesque Ozark Mountains provide the ideal setting for lovely Fayetteville. One of the nicest locations to live in the South is without a doubt the third largest city in Arkansas and one of the best small towns in the United States. The housing alternatives in Fayetteville are excellent for potential homeowners who don’t want cookie-cutter houses, from downtown bungalows to mountain cabins. Since the University of Arkansas’ main campus is located in the middle of this Southern metropolis, you can always tell when the Arkansas Razorbacks (NCAA) are playing. Business is also thriving in this small Southern town thanks to job opportunities with major corporations like Tyson and Walmart.

  1. Franklin

Franklin, one of Tennessee’s nicest cities, is one where you can take it easy and enjoy life. The Carter House and Carnton, two historical sites connected to the Battle of Franklin, one of the war’s final significant engagements, are located in this little Southern town that bears the name of the nation’s first president Benjamin Franklin. The big city atmosphere is only a short drive away from Franklin, which is located about 20 miles south of Nashville. Particularly in this southern city’s blend of roomy Neoclassical and Colonial homes and peaceful neighborhoods, families and retirees will find their niche.

  1. Frisco

A developing neighborhood west of Dallas called Frisco is bursting with southern friendliness. Housing is selling out quickly in this Texan suburb, especially among families with children, so get there as soon as possible! The Frisco Independent School District employs more Frisco citizens than any other company and is one of Texas’ top-rated public school systems. It’s no surprise that Frisco is one of the greatest locations to live in the South given its affordable cost of living, plentiful employment opportunities, and welcoming neighborhood.