Indian Wedding Consultant

3+1 Red Flags to Consider While Selecting an Indian Wedding Consultant

Today, there are numerous Indian wedding consultants in the market, just like stars overhead. In such a scenario, getting your hands on one of the best consultants can be a challenging task. As a result, people often invest in the wrong company and regret it later.

A good wedding planner or consultant should be able to assist you with the best services, solve even your trivial wedding issues, interact well, and make your dream wedding come true. But, a big question arises here, how can you find such a consultant?

In this blog, we will tell you four signs you will certainly notice if the wedding consultant is below par. Let’s dive in.

  • Zero References

Do you know one thing that is common in inexperienced and awful organizers? No references.

If the wedding consultant you are picking does not have any earlier projects to share, it is ideal to look somewhere else.

On the other hand, if they have any references, make sure to get in touch with the client for first-hand information. Also, make yourself free as a reference in the future whenever their potential clients require the same.

  • No Sample Video or Pictures

Before selecting an Indian wedding consultant, ask them for some pictures that clearly show the end results of a wedding arranged by them.

Pictures and videos will help you understand how they put together everything. Besides, you can also understand their taste in work. This way, you can decide if the consultant is right for your D-Day or not.

In addition to this, check that pictures/videos shown by them are not fake.

  • Not Punctual

Your marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event of your life- make sure that your wedding consultant who has been paid to assist you is considering it the same way.

A skilled and responsible wedding planner or organizer will arrive for every meeting in a timely manner, that too ready with all the ideas and plans.

That being said, this certainly does not imply that life (or more regrettable- traffic) doesn’t occur.

We are just simply saying that if your wedding consultant is showing up late in every meeting without a genuine reason, then you should think of considering someone else to take care of your wedding day.

It’s your big day, you can’t trust or rely on a person who can’t even come to a meeting on time.

  • Unrealistic Pricing

Before starting your selection process, it is always better to invest some time in researching the market. You should at least have a rough idea of the minimum and maximum rate of hiring an Indian wedding consultant.

Having a clear understanding of the market will assist and safeguard you from circumstances where your budget gets neglected, burning a hole in your pocket.

If you feel the consultant is quoting unrealistic rates, you should look for another wedding organizer.

There you go.

If you find any of the aforementioned red flags, we hope you find one of the best Indian consultants who will make your big day a memorable one.