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05 Ways to make money with videos on youtube

Every day, five billion YouTube videos are seen worldwide. YouTube remains as popular as ever, with users spending an average of 40 minutes per session on the site. You can learn more about make money with videos at YouTube through formula negócio online.

In keeping with this digital revolution, the next thing you should learn is how to generate money on YouTube. For example, Ryan’s Toy Review made $22 million by fooling about with and dismantling toys. For playing with electronics, it’s not terrible.

Making money on YouTube is no longer reserved for a select few platinum musicians, businesses, or social media personalities. YouTube offers a myriad of opportunities for ordinary people to make money.

What is the best way to generate money on YouTube?

Join the YouTube Partner Program as a member.

The YouTube Partner Program

 allows regular YouTubers to gain access to exclusive YouTube features. You don’t have to be a partner to make money on YouTube (just setting up an AdSense account and collecting views will suffice), but being a Partner makes things a lot easier.

YouTube Partners have access to various revenue streams, including video adverts, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and services like Super Chat, channel memberships, and the goods shelf that make money with videos tap into your dedicated fans’ wallets (more on these later.)

Where Do I Begin?

The first step is to make a YouTube channel.

It’s reasonable to say that if you want to get any views on YouTube, you’ll need to start with your channel. YouTube leads you through the process on this page, but I’ve also included a video below to assist you.

Step 2: Make Videos for YouTube

The next stage for any YouTube channel is to develop content that will appeal to your target audience. It’s ideal, in my opinion, to focus on a specific niche and get into stuff that they’ll appreciate.

For example, I enjoy discussing everything linked to online business on my YouTube channel. As a result, this naturally draws YouTube premium members and anyone interested in working from home and enjoys the notion.

This is the tricky aspect of any YouTube channel, even for the highest-paid YouTubers, because no one will watch your videos when you first start.

However, I assure you that this will not continue indefinitely.

The algorithm will ultimately start recommending your videos to people, and they will start subscribing to you if you keep providing stuff that your audience likes. Naturally, greater ad money comes with more subscribers.

Become a YouTube Partner to make money from video commercials.

For many YouTubers, a

ds are their primary source of money. As a YouTube Partner, you can make money in a variety of ways. More information can be found at método turbo tráfego.

Advertisements before your videos, subscriptions to your channel, and Google AdSense banner advertising are all ways to earn money. Before becoming an authorized YouTube Partner, however, there are some basic rules to follow and prerequisites to meet.

In addition to adhering to YouTube

‘s ad restrictions, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 video view hours on your channel in the previous 12 months.

Make money on YouTube by asking your subscribers for donations.

If you’ve built a loyal following, encourage your viewers to crowdfund your channel. This will assist you in both funding and profiting from new videos. A crowdfunding platform like Patreon simplifies the process of receiving payment for your work.

Your fans may subscribe to their favorite channels for as little as a dollar, and they’ll even get some unique goodies from their favorite YouTube producers.

Take a peek at your new revenue streams.

Each monetization channel has its own set of requirements for participation. Consider the following


To make money from ads, you must be at least 18 years old and provide material that advertisers find compelling. Simply said, the less controversial your videos are, the more likely YouTube advertisers are to display ads on them, and the more money you’ll make.

You will receive a percentage of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s monthly payment if they watch your video. (It’s a good thing it’s automatic.) To sell channel memberships to your users, you must be at least 18 years old and have over 30,000 subscribers (i.e., your followers opt to pay you an additional fee)

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