4G LTE Course

What is a 4G LTE Course?

4g LTE technology is the 4th generation of mobile communication. It came into existence after the 3G system and came before the upcoming 5G technology.  LTE 4G is presently the leading technology utilized worldwide and gives various significant advantages as far as speed is taken into account compared to previous mobile technologies. 

Various courses about 4G training have been initiated, including 4G LTE Training In Hyderabad. This LTE training program covers the basic concepts of LTE networks. This training starts from the fundamentals of LTE and then dives into some important concepts such as the network structure of EPC, EUTRAN, Lifecycle UE, Bearers, OFDMA, Evolution, Multiple Antenna Techniques, LTE Call Flow, Interfaces, EPC overview, RAN Overview, UE Categories, LTE TDD vs. FDD, LTE protocols and categories. After you get these important topics, the course will provide you with advanced topics, such as CoMP and LTE-A in LTE Advanced. 

LTE is IP based combined system that can give 100 Mbps for great mobility users and 1gbps for static users. The 4G LTE course provides the most extensive review of the 4G technology. It will assist you in getting the necessary skills needed to upgrade and grow. It gives you in-depth knowledge about LTE systems, the architecture of 4G LTE systems, air interface protocols, and various procedures. 

The 4G LTE Training In Chennai is highly recommended for students and working professionals in this domain who want to understand the basics of 4G technology. 

The course will assist you in having good knowledge about technology and its various concepts, network architecture, channels, frequency control of power, and much more. 

In the course, you will also get video lectures to understand this technology deeply and improve your learning. For easy understanding and more retainable, the course is divided into sub-sections. 4G technology, all IP-based networks, provides seamless mobility and global roaming. It has various interoperability with prevailing wireless network standards, high-quality services, and smooth handovers. 

This 4G training course will provide each topic needed to understand this LTE system, its basic working principles, and all standards of this flourishing technology. One of the primary technologies for this 4G LTE and beyond is OWA (open wireless access), which supports various wireless interfaces in an open structure platform. 

The advantages of 4G are divided into 3 categories: enhanced download or upload speed, lessened latency, and clear voice calls. It is much faster than the already prevailing previous generations. 

Who is this course for? 

• Network and system designers who need to get acquainted with LTE systems.

• Learners and working specialists who expect knowledge of LTE networks.

• Anyone who craves to mature as LTE experienced.

• Anyone who likes to learn strategies and procedures implicated in LTE networks.

• Anyone who expects to promote their abilities for a decent job.

• Specialists who expect to strengthen their mastery with new or latest technology.

• Anyone who needs to give rise to their career as LTE competent.

• Anyone who wishes to boost themselves with accumulating technology.