Things Many People Didn’t Know They Can Do On Spotify

Spotify is a music platform enabling people to search and listen to the music of their choice. A lot of people if not all know only how to create playlists and post. The truth is that there are many things one can do with Spotify. All you need to do is to ensure you get used to it and earn some followers so that whatever you post gets the attention of many people. New accounts normally don’t get a lot of people which is why many people opt to buy Spotify streams. 

Last. FM is Linkable to Spotify 

You probably haven’t heard about the This is a platform that allows you to listen to the songs that you listened last. All you need is to make sure you link your account to Last. FM and you will be able to listen to all the music that you last listened to. This saves you the struggle of having to go to every music that you listened to get what you want. 

Go to the Private Mode 

If you have been listening to music and you wouldn’t like your friends to see what you have been listening to, you can hide the music so that it remains a private affair. To do this, use the incognito mode so that you open a private window and once you close it, none of them would be there to be seen by any person you wouldn’t want to know. You can even eliminate the silences between songs by adding the crossfade feature so that songs play automatically from one track to another. This is a perfect feature especially if you are working as a DJ in a certain place and you don’t want to bore people. 

Tell Your Friends What to Listen to 

With Spotify, you don’t have to enjoy all the music alone, you can invite friends and ensure they listen to whatever you are listening to. Right-click on the song and it will give you options to share the music that you are listening to. This is the best way to ensure you have excellent enjoyment since friends will give you their comments regarding the music that you are listening to. If you are a music creator yourself, combining social media with Spotify can even give you more exposure and get more fans. 

You Can Market Your Brand Using Spotify 

As a business person who wants to have marketing songs, you should create a Spotify account first and then buy Spotify streams so that you gain the attention of many people. Once you post your content, a lot of people will receive it and you will have a lot of followers. If you have subscribers, most of them will be notified every time you drop a new song in town. Always make sure you have the best kind of music content so that you capture the attention of many people. You can just create excellent playlists for you to stand a chance of getting more and more followers. 

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