Couple Photo Shoot tips and tricks with mobile

If you are looking for tips and tricks about clicking pictures with your phone partner, you have reached out to the correct article. Click and decorate your room with images placed in a backlit photo display. Before we start with our tricks, let’s discuss a bit about Backlit Photo Display that can help you make your room pretty. This is nothing but a frame that is being decorated with led lights at the back and it does grab a lot of attention.

Now let’s move ahead with the trip and tricks for a couple photoshoot with mobile-

Tips and Tricks for couple photoshoot with mobile

  • First and foremost, invest in a good phone. Until and unless you invest in a good phone with a good camera, even if you pose like the best couple, no one will notice and the picture quality will also be considered the worst. 
  • Always carry your tripod or monopod. It’s okay to ask a stranger to click your picture, but you might now like that picture. So it’s better to be your photographer and click your sexy image.
  • Always spot a place from where to click a picture and move ahead with the idea rather than thinking about what we should do and where we should click our images.
  • Keep up the trend -Check out ideas and poses from Instagram or Pinterest. Those two platforms have different poses suggestions for couples.
  • Learn how to use the best of your phone. Learn the basics of a camera to click your sexy pictures.
  • Try to click pictures in natural light. It enhances the beauty of the photo without ruining its quality.
  • Always click pictures with a timer and don’t click one shot. Try to connect more photos; whatever image you like, keep them and delete the other one.
  • Try to edit those pictures and you have a backup of the original ones.
  • Some ideas for backgrounds in the home-
  1. The sky and cloud
  2. Create your background with chart paper or cloth.
  3. Blur background with focusing on one thing that can be anything. For example, holding hands, rings etc.
  4. Use plant as your background.
  • If you are irritated with the timer and that timer ruins your picture, opt. for a remote that can be linked with your phone and controls the shutter of your phone.
  • Try to ensure always as a couple keep it accurate picture speaks.
  • Suppose you guys are clicking the picture of kissing, holding hands or hugging each other. Don’t get conscious of what other people will things. Instead, be confident and click images with your partner.
  • Makeup early. Stop being lazy as you have spotted your spot earlier or at that moment. Try to explore that place and give time to that place and stay late over there so that you can enjoy that moment and click pictures at night.
  • If you are camera shy, a romantic pose can always work. Such as a hug or maybe hiding your face or a back hug can always be a good example.
  • Get creative with angles as well as poses.
  • Sunlight can be your best friend for clicking pictures.
  • If you want a DSLR effect, you can buy a camera that can be attached to the camera that is handy enough and affordable.
  •  Using street lights or fairy lights to create aesthetic pictures.
  • A glass window can be a good option for capturing pictures of couples together. It does give a blurring effect as well as good photos.
  • Clicking pictures in the rain. This can be tricky as you don’t want your phone or equipment to get wet. Well, I have something for you cover your phone in a sealed bag and keep your tripod cover in a plastic that works as an umbrella for both. Then press the remote button and there you go, you have your perfect photoshoot.
  •  Sunset can be your best friend. The ray of light hitting the face of you and your partner can create magic in your pictures.
  • The perfect date photo shoots. Create a beautiful atmosphere with roses and wine balloons and you have your lovely couple picture to flaunt.


Couples photography is a lot of fun but can also be intimidating if you’re not used to it. It appears simple enough at first glance—point your camera at the couple and take a picture, right?

Your initial objectives should be to memorize a few standard poses and, if you want to explore that aspect of posing, a few verbal cues. The next step is to improve your technical photography abilities, so you can stop worrying about what ISO to use and focus more on the composition and appearance of the couple in your shot.

We hope this article has given you some helpful insight about some tips and tricks on how to take some good pictures for couples with a phone.