2022 Best Social Media Trends Worth Investing On

According to SocialGreg, not using trends when marketing on social is like being old-fashioned. To enhance return on investments, it is important to always stay up to date and know what is good for your business. All social media platforms have their trends and as a marketer, you should be looking at all of these to make the best marketing interventions. Even existing brands are making use of these new trends leaving behind what they used to do in the previous days because they have seen that trends work better.

TikTok is the New Big Thing 

You don’t need to be an expert to know this. Today if you open Facebook stories, WhatsApp status, and Instagram videos, you will always see the TikTok trademark at the bottom of the videos. 99 percent of people who create videos are on TikTok and most of the fans are from there. This means the world’s consumer knowledge is currently ringing on TikTok so if you make the best marketing campaigns there, you could end up making it easy. Know the content creating skills on TikTok and you will have outstanding results. 

Small Social Media Platforms Are Becoming Expensive 

Think of TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitch. These are platforms that used to be ignored because giant platforms like Facebook and Instagram were predominant. Nowadays things are not like that because these small platforms are where people welcome content. They are very receptive when it comes to content and you can be sure to get the engagement you want when you post on these platforms. For that reason, always make sure that you have an excellent budget on these platforms because they are the next big thing this year and a lot of businesses and brands have already realized that.  

Social Media Turning into Stores 

Do you remember there was a time when people used to post on social media and then customers would be directed to the website to go and buy? That era is long gone because people want to buy directly from social media. Social Greg advises that when optimizing your social media handles, make sure you include your contacts, payment methods, and also any other purchasing details so that your customers can use to when making the purchase. People don’t have the time to leave social media and visit your website to buy products so make it is easy for them to purchase from social media. 


There is always a need to make sure you follow trending marketing tips. These days’ phone numbers don’t work anymore because no one would want to call customer services and stay online for five minutes or more. for that reason, you need to be very responsive to messages if you have to make it online. Always make sure your clients are attended to perfectly like the way you would attend to them in a real physical shop. Last but not least, take time to create videos because that is what people cherish these days. Videos go viral easily compared to written messages. 

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